Plastic Pourer

Easy Pour, Easy Install, Durable, Professional Bar Tool


    Any experienced bartender knows the struggles of pouring liquors and spirits out of the bottle. With the many customers and orders flying about, pouring out of a bottle could result in messy spills. Pour through a pourer for precision.


    If you don’t spill a drop from any of your liquor bottles, you stand to make more money. Get the most of your liquors and spirits by ensuring that you serve every last drop from the bottle.


    A dozen of Esatto’s plastic pourers will cost you as much as one metal pourer. This deal is a steal.


    We guarantee that our plastic pourers will never leak out, allowing you to utilize every last drop from your spirits.


    These plastic pourers are made with a memory set plastic. They will never rust, and if they ever deform, just wash them with warm water and they’ll be back to their original shape. They will last forever.

Product Description

Every bar owner and bartender knows that every drop from your bottles of liquor and spirits is vital and important. A wasted drop is a wasted opportunity to serve a drink to your thirsty customers. It is also a wasted opportunity to earn more money with the drinks you serve.

In order to eliminate this risk, one good practice you can do is purchase and use plastic pourers.

Everyone who has served behind a bar is familiar with the risk of spilling drinks when pouring from bottles. With multiple customers and orders constantly flying around, it is easy to get frazzled and mistakenly spill some liquor.

With a plastic pourer, all you need to do is attach it to your bottles and you’ll never spill another drop. You’ll be able to pour with precision, getting every drop into the glass and avoiding any messy spills that you will need to clean up. Save on time and resources by doing away with the need to clean spills on floors.

No wasted liquor also means that you’ll get the most out of your bottles. If one bottle serves 10 cocktails, make sure you use every drop to serve those 10 cocktails. A spill could spell disaster, as you aren’t getting the most out of your bottles if you serve less than what is ideal.

Another great trait of our pourers is the price. A dozen of these pourers costs just as much as a metal pourer. It is a definite bargain and steal.

Our pourers were crafted with memory set plastic. Since it is plastic, it will never rust. We also guarantee that it will never leak when you are using it. Most important though is if these pourers ever deform from use, simply rinse them in warm water and they will return to their original shape and form.

The memory set plastic gives these pourers a longevity that will allow them to keep using them even years after you buy them.