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Place pourer in an opened bottle, pour in a 45 Degree angle for the best flow, close the lid on the pourer after use, to protect from bugs and dust. Plastic pourers are NOT recommended in dish washers. For cleaning, a rinse in warm water is enough.
Prop 65 – Complies with California’s Proposition 65. This ensures no adverse effects from hazardous materials such as Lead,
Chromium, Cadmium and over 900 other chemicals.
This is not a Toy – This product has not been classified as a toy, and therefore is not intended for children.
Recyclable Packaging – Made from materials that can easily be recycled if disposed of correctly.
Plastic Recycling Type-7 – Please be responsible and recycle any unwanted plastic product or packaging. TPE is a Type-7 plastic. Your local recycling centre will have the capability to recycle this.
Made In Thailand. Made of TPE, Thermoplastic Rubber