Muddler 25.4 CM (10”) Ribbed – ABS, Black

Ideal Professional Bartender Tool for Cocktails


    Complete your repertoire of drinks with Esatto’s muddler. Easily mix and mash a variety of ingredients for your cocktails. Ingredients could include fruits, herbs, salt, spices, and herbs.


    Add various drinks to your bar’s menu by utilizing the muddler. Drinks that require a muddler include mojitos, a mint julep, an old fashioned, and many more. You can offer something for everybody.


    Use our muddle to prepare drinks faster and better. Constant efficiency in the bar allows you to contribute more to the success of your bar.


    Our muddlers are made with ABS plastic. It is a much stronger plastic that makes our muddlers very durable. You’ll be using these for years to come.


    This item is very affordable, and for what you are paying for it as well as the amount of quality work you can get out of it, it is simply a steal for professional bars and bartenders.

Product Description

Every profession requires certain tools to operate, and more importantly, excel. Bartending is really no different. Apart from beers, wine, and liqueurs, bar owners and bartenders need a variety of tools to ensure smooth operations like bar mats, glass rimmers, shakers, pourers, and so much more.

One other important tool is the muddler. There are certain drinks that require ingredients at the bottom of the glass. The muddler is the ideal professional bartender tool that allows you to do just this. You can use the ribbed head to mash ingredients like fruits and berries. The smooth head is ideal for mashing sugar, salt, and spices.

In doing so, you can round out and complete your drink repertoire. If you didn’t have the muddler, you wouldn’t be able to prepare drinks like mojitos, mint juleps, and even an old fashioned. At least not easily.

Apart from the added drinks, utilizing the muddler makes your work at the bar easier. With the muddler, you prepare various drinks more efficiently. This gives you more time for other activities that can greatly contribute to the success of your bar.

Our muddlers are made with ABS plastic. This is a very sturdy and durable plastic that means you’ll be using these muddlers for a great number of years.

With its affordable price, Esatto’s muddlers give you the most quality for the money that you are paying. Buy a muddler for your bar, restaurant, or nightclub now.