Muddler Gift Set

Ribbed and Smooth Muddler Set – Professional Bar Tools


    Any experienced bartender knows that pouring liquor from bottles is a struggle. With the many customers and orders flying about, pouring out of a bottle could result in messy spills of spirits and liquors. Pour through a pourer for precision.


    If you don’t spill a drop from any of your liquor bottles, you stand to make more money. Get the most of your liquors and spirits by ensuring that you serve every last drop from the bottle.


    If you leave a bottle open, it has been proven that fruit flies will seek out alcohol. Employ a healthy practice by sealing your alcohol bottles with the built-in pourer lid.


    Operating on a hot summer day or outside can have the heat taking away important parts of spirits and liquors by evaporation. With a simple close of the lid, you can prevent evaporation.


    We guarantee that our plastic pourers will never leak out, allowing you to utilize every last drop from your spirits. Since our pourers are made of plastic, you will never need to worry about them rusting.

Product Description

Bar owners and bartenders have a lot to think about and consider during operations. For starters, when pouring liquor or spirits from a bottle, there is a chance that the contents of the bottle could be wasted by spilling.

A busy bar night with multiple customers and numerous orders can fluster bartenders. This can leave you prone to mistakes. You may not be able to pour everything into the glass.

Fortunately, Esatto’s plastic pourer with lid solves that handily. Install or attach these pourers easily onto any bottle, and you’ll never have to worry about spilling anything from bottles ever again.

You’ll be able to pour with precision, getting every drop into the glass and avoiding any messy spills that you will need to clean up. You’ll also be able to save on time and resources by doing away with the need to clean spills on floors. You can focus on other important tasks at your bar.

You may think that spilling contents from your spirits or liquor bottles only has to do with cleanliness. However, it also has to do with the profits of your bar. Spilling drinks means that you aren’t getting the most out of your bottles.

If a bottle serves 12 glasses, but because of pouring you only serve 10, this means that you are missing the opportunity to serve more drinks and make more money.

Moreover, the built-in lid is something that helps with people’s health. Open liquor bottles will attract fruit flies. They can get into the bottles and even inhabit the pourers. These pourers have lids though that easily snap open and shut. Keeping your bottles closed is a great health practice.

If you are serving in a bar on a hot day or even serving drinks outside, the heat may evaporate some of the contents in your bottles. The lids help battle evaporation as well, allowing you to get the most out of your bottles.

Finally, our pourers are made of plastic. This means that they will never rust like metal pourers do. They are also very sturdy, durable, and tight. They will never leak out when you use them.